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News Wrap: Republicans dismiss Obama’s final budget plan


In New Hampshire, GOP factions fight for voters and the future


Which candidates might be worried about N.H. outcomes


Here’s what’s on the minds of New Hampshire voters


300,000 could be trapped as Syrian forces encircle Aleppo, says U.N.


Why Detroit’s teachers are ‘sick’ of their inadequate schools


Candidates offer final pitches before New Hampshire polls open


News Wrap: CDC plays down major Zika outbreak risk in U.S.


N.H. Democrats divided on different visions for helping middle class


Clinton camp wrestles with gender and generational divides


In Brazil, a race to solve the mysteries of Zika virus


Could a NATO build-up in Europe reignite the Cold War?


How accurate were the GOP candidates at the New Hampshire debate?


Candidates stump for votes in last-minute New Hampshire push


The bipartisan idea that gives a tax boost to childless workers


In Tornado Alley, using drones to pinpoint severe weather


News Wrap: Unemployment falls to 8-year low, but job growth slows


Brazil grapples with Zika health emergency as Carnival begins


The hidden psychology behind sports teams, coaches and their fans


Has the U.S. motto become ‘In Nothing We Trust’?


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