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Republicans take aim at rivals as Democrats ready for debate


News Wrap: Embattled pharma CEO takes Fifth before Congress


Syrian forces barrage the opposition as peace talks pause


Why online daily fantasy sports are mostly a loser’s game


A journey to Valhalla, Oregon’s hidden canyon


Amid death’s throes, young doctor examines life for meaning


Why this writer chronicles uncompromising black artists


Democrats debate liberal credentials on the trail in N.H.


News Wrap: Syrian peace talks reach impasse after two days


Mosquito breeding grounds are front line in fight against Zika


Sweden’s welcome to refugees disturbed by violent backlash


What does Yahoo’s downsizing mean for the tech giant’s future?


Three-parent DNA treatment for rare defect raises debate


Big data meets modern medicine in a life-saving equation


How a critical mass of women can change an institution


Fight moves to N.H. as Cruz and Clinton claim Iowa victory


News Wrap: Obama meets with GOP leaders to discuss common ground


What candidates need to do going into the New Hampshire primaries


What the winning Iowa campaigns say about the battle ahead


Can the U.S. prevent an ISIS haven in Libya?


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