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Why the world could use a Muslim jedi


News Wrap: Washington braces for a blizzard


Russian security service blamed for defector’s high-profile death


What the Litvinenko assassination accusation means for the Kremlin


The NFL’s newest coach, a game-changing hire for women


Hotbeds of genius and innovation depend on these key ingredients


Women and girls caught in refugee crisis lack protection


Why these anti-smoking TV ads are working


A human guinea pig explains why you should experiment in life


News Wrap: Militants make deadly attack on Pakistan university


In Flint, public trust poisoned by toxic drinking water crisis


If pregnant, beware of travel to countries with Zika virus


College apps should emphasize passion not accomplishments, says Harvard report


Inside the battle for Iowa and New Hampshire


Telling the story of parents and activists who fought for autism acceptance


Remembering Leila Alaoui, photographer who crossed borders


News Wrap: Iraqis killed at ‘staggering’ rate since rise of ISIS, says UN


Fate of Obama’s immigration actions goes to Supreme Court


U.S. envoy: Seeing Americans freed from Iran ‘overwhelming’


Author explores life on the expanding autism spectrum


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