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As Sanders closes in on Clinton in Iowa, tougher attacks


Can setting bipartisan goals disrupt political dysfunction?


Remembering David Bowie, constantly changing icon who inspired


What a teachers’ challenge to union fees could mean for organized labor


The ethics of Sean Penn’s ‘El Chapo’ conversation


How student athletes get around career-ending head injuries


Poetry helps youth at a juvenile detention center find peace


Country’s oldest voluntary school desegregation program grows in Rochester, New York


U.S. mulls ending program that urges Cuban doctors to defect


Remains of 144-year-old whaling shipwreck discovered near Alaska


How will China’s volatile stock market affect the U.S. economy?


Anti-migrant protests turn violent in Germany


Why the White House is seeking Silicon Valley’s help to take on terrorism


The opioid epidemic’s toll on pregnant women and their babies


Hiring got a bounce in 2015, while wages stayed flat


What the capture of ‘El Chapo’ means for Mexico’s drug wars


New Year’s assaults stoke tensions over migrants in Germany


Will real-time health data for consumers add up to healthier living?


News Wrap: Truck bomb kills dozens in Libya


What does the market crash say about China’s economy?


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