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Polls offer a snapshot, but not always reliable predictions


Blocked by the Balkans, where will migrants stranded in Greece go?


Living with stress for too long may be giving kids asthma


Politicians grapple with how to fend off terror threats


News Wrap: Syrian refugee families arrive in U.S. amid state leaders’ objections


The number of foreign recruits to the Islamic State is booming, but not in the U.S.


Supreme Court mulls representation in ‘one person, one vote’ case


Should Congress rein in this controversial visa program?


What the first round of test results say about Common Core progress


Why Salem bought in to witchcraft hysteria


FBI probes how San Bernardino suspects were radicalized


News Wrap: Climate deal negotiators move into critical phase


Assessing Obama’s speech and strategy on fighting terrorism


Will Chicago investigation deter police use of force around the U.S.?


After Obama speech, 2016 candidates call for tougher stance


How Art Basel helped transform Miami’s art scene


Here’s what President Obama is expected to say in Sunday’s primetime address


Back in court, FCC defends net neutrality from internet providers


How to solve Puerto Rico’s looming food crisis? Eat local, farmers say


After San Bernardino, how can law enforcement prevent self-radicalization?


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