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Here’s what we know about the growing international fight against ISIS


Paris climate talks enter next phase, but political roadblocks remain


Evidence mounts behind San Bernardino as terror attack, but no clear links to outside groups


News Wrap: U.S. economy turns in solid November jobs numbers


Understanding Nigeria, a country of pain, promise and complexity


Women take a stand against violence in Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq’


Police still searching for motive in San Bernardino case


News Wrap: San Bernardino shootings prompt Congress debate


The terrorism question looming over the San Bernardino attack


Full Interview: Ash Carter on a military turning point for women in combat


Gay Nigerians face beatings, harsh prison sentences, even death


San Bernardino attack suspects killed in police shootout


News Wrap: Iran worked on nuclear weapons prior to 2009, says IAEA


U.K. approves expanded airstrike campaign against Islamic State


How a cancer of corruption steals Nigerian oil, weapons and lives


How Zuckerberg and Chan just changed big charitable giving


Why 2 degrees Celsius is climate change’s magic number


Mexican wind farm sending power to U.S. comes under fire


World leaders depart Paris, leaving negotiators to hash out climate accord


News Wrap: Federal trial postponed again for Dylann Roof


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