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U.S. ‘step-by-step’ strategy against Islamic State questioned in Congress


In Africa’s richest nation, the poor haven’t yet profited


Chicago police superintendent out amid anger over Laquan McDonald shooting video


What I’ll tell my son about fighting in the Iraq war


Is a home on the range the best way to reduce beef’s carbon footprint?


Paris climate talks open with debate over cuts for poorer nations


News Wrap: Heavy smog blankets Chinese cities, New Delhi


How Paris is different from past climate change negotiations


Civilians are caught in the middle of the war against Boko Haram


Do accuracy and truth still matter on the campaign trail?


How a boxing gym helps this Baltimore church fight for kids


Pope Francis calls for peace, reconciliation in Central African Republic


Russia orders new sanctions against Turkey


Witness to the Paris attacks embraces his ‘survivor’s obligation’


Steering young people away from a life mixed up with gangs


GOP 2016 candidates face critical moment as field tightens


How your cellphone is silently disrupting your social life


How a boy from segregated South grew up to be Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff


Is it possible to build ‘meat’ out of plant protein?


225 Years of Presidential Thanksgiving meals


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