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Residents react as their tent city is dismantled; ‘I just want to survive’


Were pilgrims America’s original economic migrants?


Iraq’s Yazidi’s return home to Sinjar


France, Russia unify to fight Islamic State


News Wrap: News Wrap: David Cameron calls for airstrikes in Syria


Albuquerque mayor: Here’s a crazy idea, let’s give homeless people jobs


Aretha Franklin on why she’ll never stop singing


News Wrap: Rescued Russian pilot denies violating Turkish airspace


What do we know about the fatal shooting of a Chicago teen?


‘Human error’ led to U.S. forces striking Afghan hospital


How Einstein’s theory of relativity changed the world


Can you cook delicious meals on just $4 a day?


News Wrap: Russia, Turkey swap harsh rhetoric over shot-down plane


How the Turkey-Russia conflict complicates anti-Islamic State efforts


Why 20,000 Israelis are suing Facebook over Palestinian attacks


Did dashboard video of black teen’s killing prompt murder charge for Chicago cop?


Are pesticides to blame for the massive bee die-off?


News Wrap: Belgian police charge fourth suspect in Paris attacks


Obama: U.S. intensifying Islamic State strategy on all fronts


What should we be doing to defeat the Islamic State?


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