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How terrorists exploit Europe’s divided intelligence efforts


Does the U.S. need tighter security checks on refugees?


What’s made the Islamic State one of the richest terrorist armies in history?


For young newcomers, school offers a stepping stone to life in America


Mayhem in a Paris suburb as police search for mastermind


News Wrap: White House warns of veto on House refugee bill


How Congress sees the fight against the Islamic State


Paris terror and the migrant crisis tear at Europe’s open borders


Terror attacks bring greater urgency to finding migrant crisis solutions


Terrorists hiding behind impenetrable communication, says FBI


Why is France a target? Look to its alienated Muslim youth


Parisians fight terror with a simple act: returning to cafes


How the Islamic State indoctrinates Afghan children


News Wrap: UN refugee agency warns EU against closing borders


With Islamic State as a common enemy, can Russia and the West cooperate on Syria?


Republicans push back on Syrian refugee resettlement plan


Sanders: Turning our backs on refugees destroys the idea of America


Carson: Our first responsibility is U.S. safety, not refugees


Mourning attacks in Paris, France grapples with stepped-up security


Police search for Paris suspect in Brussels neighborhood with extremist ties


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