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EU, U.S. face vulnerabilities after Islamic State attacks in Paris


News Wrap: State Department suggests Syrian war can still be ended


Paris attacks bring migrant crisis, Islamic State strategy to U.S. political forefront


In a time of darkness, world stands with the City of Light


What motivated the terror attacks in Paris?


How residents are coming to terms with the devastation of loss in Paris


Suspects in terror attacks identified as anger and sadness grip City of Light


Fact or fiction? Taking a closer look at the Democratic debate


At G-20 meeting, an ambitious timeline for political transition in Syria


French capital ‘traumatized’ on day after terror assault


News Wrap: Kurdish forces drive Islamic State out of Sinjar


How unintentional but insidious bias can be the most harmful


In ‘Spotlight,’ filmmakers take a journalist’s care in retelling the story of church sex abuse


Kurdish forces cut off key Islamic State route in Iraq


News Wrap: Islamic State claims Beirut suicide bombings


Feeling burden of migrant crisis, Sweden imposes border controls


Given Internet access, can kids really learn anything by themselves?


How a Medal of Honor recipient confronted a suicide bomber


Juliette Binoche lets intuition drive her diverse acting career


Why humble-bragging parents should consider holding their tongues


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