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Organizers scrap viral tests of Rio’s sewage-filled waters ahead of Olympics


It’s launch time for the Iran nuclear deal, but will there be any action?


Israel responds to deadly wave of knife attacks with new police powers


How widening the Panama Canal set off an environmental fight in Florida


How ISIS built its own muliti-million dollar industry by attacking oilfields


New imagery from Pompeii yields surprising findings about ancient humans


Why Kentucky farmers are quitting tobacco and turning to an unlikely new crop


After decision to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan, what happens next?


U.S. sending troops to Cameroon to monitor Boko Haram


News Wrap: Violence flares in Middle East; Iran violates sanctions


If you can wager on them, are fantasy sports gambling?


In Copenhagen, a U.S. ambassador who is also a reality TV star


Journalist Mohamed Fahmy on ‘brutal’ experience in Egyptian supermax prison


News Wrap: U.S. analysts knew Kunduz target was hospital


U.S. reverses plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan


What influenced Obama’s decision to keep troops in Afghanistan


New suspects identified in Lockerbie bombing case


Getting prisoners life-ready to prevent a return to crime


These hunter-gatherer tribes sleep less than you, and sleep better


How social entrepreneurs are changing the world


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