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News Wrap: Russia launches missile strikes in Syria


Bill and Melinda Gates on the political debate over Common Core standards


House Republicans face a math problem in picking a new speaker


As drought-desperate California sinks, the risk of flood is rising


Josh Groban indulges his inner musical theater geek with ‘Stages’


As the death toll rises, South Carolina warns of more flooding to come


News Wrap: Russian violation of Turkish air space ‘unacceptable,’ says NATO chief


Top U.S. commander recommends revising Afghan drawdown plan


Should the U.S. keep a significant military presence in Afghanistan?


Justice Department aims to release 6,000 nonviolent drug offenders from prison


Why divisive Donald Trump still appeals to voters


Ann Romney on her battle with multiple sclerosis and the race for the White House


Why ‘Over the Rainbow’ takes us to a magical, musical place


Historic flooding inundates South Carolina


News Wrap: Coast Guard searches for sunken cargo ship survivors


Doctors Without Borders calls for transparent investigation of hospital airstrike


Why it’s hard to find a missing person among the unidentified dead


Why the Supreme Court may swing right on key issues this session


What Detroit’s golden years gave America


What it takes to make a great political ad


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