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Behind the new environmental plans unveiled in the U.S., China and India


Afghan hospital bombing victims thought they were ‘imminently going to die’


New ‘know before you owe’ mortgage rules may ease homebuyers’ burden


Wildfires in Russia scorch world’s largest freshwater lake


Inside the battle over North Carolina’s voter ID laws


How a Boston program is transforming the way we train teachers


Police search for answers in Oregon college rampage


News Wrap: Hurricane Joaquin batters the Bahamas


Why the U.S. has done almost nothing to stop mass shootings


Free Syrian Army fighters say Russia is punishing Assad opponents


How long can Germany stay welcoming to refugees?


News Wrap: Afghan government claims Kunduz control regained


U.S., Russian officials tackle technical details of Syrian strikes


Bipartisan reform bill aims to fix minimum mandatory sentences


A decade after Prophet Muhammad cartoons, tension over free expression endures


Why growing lettuce in New York City is a growing business


News Wrap: Taliban captures key fortress in Kunduz


Pentagon questions true target of Russia’s Syrian strikes


Are Russia’s military priorities in Syria cause for concern?


Prime Minister Abadi: Iraq welcomes Russia in Islamic State fight


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