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Averting shutdown, budget stopgap sets up Congress for bigger fight


American Academy of Pediatrics decides relationship with Coke is not so sweet


Why greater diversity is good for Hollywood’s bottom line


News Wrap: Afghan military launches offensive to take back Kunduz


At UN, coalition finds little consensus on how to fight extremism


Can Russia make a difference in Syria’s war?


Leaders see Islamic State fight as long slog


How Volkswagen got caught cheating


Is profit or innovation driving the rising costs of drugs?


Anna Deavere Smith tackles school-to-prison pipeline on stage


News Wrap: Taliban fighters capture Afghan city


Obama and Putin duel over Islamic State, Ukraine in UN speeches


U.S., Russia offer little give on Islamic State strategy


Trump uses tax plan to push back on criticisms


Striving for girls’ education in the birthplace of Voodoo


Where there’s water on Earth, there’s life. Is the same true on Mars?


Pope Francis ends landmark U.S. visit amid fanfare, skepticism


What you need to know about the ‘supermoon’ lunar eclipse


To fight climate change, California air regulators restore fuel-emission cuts


Inside the British government’s sweeping cyber surveillance program


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