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Organic food pioneer shares her life’s work, from farm to cafe table


Derailed train was going twice the speed limit, says NTSB


News Wrap: Saudi leaders visit White House


Sen. Warren: If Obama is confident about trade deal, he should make details public


Why was a speed control system not installed at site of the train disaster?


Jeffrey Brown translates his reporting life into a new book of poetry


News Wrap: Kerry and Putin meet in Russia to discuss Ukraine, Syria


Nepal’s second major earthquake in weeks sets back recovery


Democrats freeze fast-track authority for Asia trade deal


America is less religious today, and it’s not just about the Millennials


For relocated Afghan translators, U.S. life offers new struggles


Photographer Alec Soth looks for where Americans find community


News Wrap: Death toll rises after tornadoes hit five states


Yemen clashes intensify ahead of humanitarian cease-fire


Retraining the body to lift the life sentence of food allergies


How GOP 2016 contenders are vying for the evangelical vote


How will the Illinois pension law rejection affect other states?


What does Russia and China’s cybersecurity pact mean for the US?


As the city prospers around them, Austin teachers may miss out


News Wrap: Obama touts trade deal at Nike headquarters


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