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Was the Islamic State group really behind the attack in Texas?


Why African-American seniors are less likely to use hospice


Worst U.S. bird flu outbreak threatens Midwest poultry industry


Meet two Holy Land tour guides who bridge the Israeli-Palestinian divide


After her husband’s sudden death, Elizabeth Alexander writes their love story


Fiery eruptions on Earth and in space caught on camera


Baltimore residents reflect on riots and share relief for curfew’s end


Why the place you grow up can limit earning power for life


Shia militias answer the call to fight Islamic State in Iraq


How America’s first ladies balanced public and private life


Revisiting the Great Migration through paintings and poetry


How an aspiring photographer captured Baltimore’s pain


Bulk of women soldiers who report sexual assault report retaliation


How did Iowa’s Avian Flu outbreak get so bad?


How Kurdish women soldiers are confronting ISIS on the front lines


Why are Baltimore teens in poorer health than those in urban Nigeria?


Staggering arrest rates strain Baltimore community relations with police


In Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, a bleak outlook for family life


Is Baltimore better equipped to handle unrest should tensions rise again?


Prosecutor urges calm after police charged in Freddie Gray’s death


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