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Why Nigeria voted for new leadership


Religious Freedom bill stirs Hoosier uproar


Does the U.S. need to change its mental health screening process for pilots?


How African musician Salif Keita went from social outcast to international superstar


12-year-olds talk about dealing with bullies, jealousy and zombies


News Wrap: Indiana GOP lawmakers say they’ll clarify a new religious freedom bill


Stockpiles and sanctions threaten Iran nuclear deal deadline


Will Indiana’s religious freedom law inform the 2016 GOP race?


How the biases in the back of your mind affect how you feel about race


Astronaut Scott Kelly sets out to break an American record in space


Collection of rare photographs offers a new look at the Civil War


Inside the new federal pay day loan rules


Drive-by jargon: Decoding Silicon Valley’s puzzling tech billboards


What does an Arab League joint military force mean for the crisis in Yemen?


Investigators reveal new details on life of co-pilot behind Germanwings crash


Viewers respond to report on the controversy surrounding sports gambling


To draw fresh crowds, symphony offers modern take on classical music


Cutting the cable cord: Will the online media boom mean the death of TV?


News Wrap: Germanwings co-pilot was hiding illness, say prosecutors


Why Assad sees an opening for dialogue with the U.S.


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