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How the 1967 riots reshaped Detroit, and the rebuilding that still needs to be done


What a scientist suggests you tell your kids about legal marijuana


Trump voices regret for picking Sessions, while blasting Comey and Mueller


News Wrap: U.S. and Russia discussing cybersecurity collaboration, says Russian news agency


Why the U.S. strategy of arming Syrian rebels didn’t work


How Russia hacked American faith in the democratic process


Will we be wiped out by machine overlords? Maybe we need a game plan now


What it’s like to turn the camera on Snowden and Assange


News Wrap: Trump reportedly ending CIA program to train Syrian rebels


Sen. Roberts: We need to debate and vote on the health care bill


Sen. Wicker: Trump believes health care bill can get 50 votes


Why Trump and Putin’s undisclosed conversation is noteworthy


Hunger a persistent problem for poor Americans as Republicans mull SNAP cuts


How Steve Bannon pulled one of the greatest upsets in American politics


News Wrap: Another person with Russia link reportedly attended Trump Jr. meeting


Where Bernie Sanders sees bipartisan middle ground on health care


What will happen to the Iran nuclear deal under Trump?


Drought and famine threaten life for nomadic Somali herders


Artist puts time in perspective by painting sun’s rise and fall


Russia presses U.S. for return of seized compounds


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