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Obama administration seeks war authorization against Islamic State


Kurdish leader says more U.S. weapons needed in fight against Islamic State


Why some students are refusing to take the Common Core test


Racist video by University of Oklahoma frat prompts protest, apologies and expulsions


University of Oklahoma president: Colleges have to be a loud voice against racism


Winter weather adds stress for Boston’s struggling workers


The blurred line between creative risk and musical rip-off


Watch these music videos created by Cricket World Cup contenders


Why did India ban a documentary on a deadly gang rape?


Rescuing the priceless manuscripts of Timbuktu


News Wrap: GOP senators write open letter to Iran over nuclear deal


How new rules could protect you from credit errors


Finding hope and reality in Obama’s speech at Selma


Bringing Mali’s music back from exile


Can we achieve global gender equality by 2030?


Iditarod imports snow for race’s slushy start


What’s behind the growing rift between Iraq and US forces in the fight against ISIS?


As military advances in Nigeria, Boko Haram ramps up bombings


How much have voting rights changed since the first march on Selma?


How did the Charlie Hebdo attacks affect rising Islamophobia in France?


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