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The pitfalls of Powerball: Why some state are on the losing end of the lottery system


The war on ISIS: How effective can Jordan be in its vow to ‘wipe out’ terror group?


Google Maps for bacteria? How mass NYC subway swab could change public health


Humanitarian crisis growing in Ukraine amid civilian mass exodus


Viewers respond to report on gap between science and public opinion


No proof yet of Islamic State claims about female hostage’s death


News Wrap: Hollande, Merkel go to Moscow for Ukraine talks


Job growth on a roll, will wages follow?


Parents of U.S. hostage Austin Tice mount campaign to win his release


A mother demands better advocacy for U.S. hostages


How music on demand is killing the album


National Geographic trains youths to use a camera as cultural passport


Will new manufacturing ease Mississippi’s ‘psychosis of poverty?’


News Wrap: Greek government vows not to drop anti-austerity stance


Kerry: U.S. ‘cannot close our eyes’ to Russian fighters in Ukraine


Progress in curbing childhood obesity, but major racial gaps persist


The $20 prosthetic knee that could change lives in India


Training, technology and talent takes the U.S. Ski Team to new heights


When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court? Justice Ginsburg answers that question


Jordan’s King Abdullah calls for ‘relentless’ war against Islamic State


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