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Opting out of vaccination is ‘recipe for outbreak’


Director Richard Linklater collaborates with the future in ‘Boyhood’


Poll: Scientists and public differ on what’s ‘dangerous’


Do cities actually lose money hosting the Super Bowl?


ISIS videos often signal hostages’ fate may be sealed


Viewers respond to report on background checks for job seekers with criminal records


Running on renewable energy, Burlington, Vermont powers green movement forward


News Wrap: U.S. economy slows but wages rise


How civilians caught in the Ukraine conflict are coping


News Wrap: Islamic State prisoner swap deadline passes


Using AirAsia Flight 8501’s mistakes to prevent future crashes


Weighing risks and benefits of making a deal with Iran


Military commission lays out major reforms for soldiers’ pay and benefits


‘American Sniper’ provokes debate on Iraq, depictions of war


Bookies bank on sports fans who bet with their hearts


News Wrap: Fighting flares between Hezbollah and Israel


What’s behind Islamic State’s prisoner swap demand?


Why a promising heroin addiction treatment is unavailable in many states


How the Koch brothers turned into political power brokers


Is it time to open the door to better relations with Iran?


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