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How a new generation of war veterans wants to shape military policy


Library social worker helps homeless seeking quiet refuge


News Wrap: Snowstorm buries Boston, spares New York


Why open Atlantic offshore drilling now?


As oil prices drop, North Dakota’s booming industry braces for a winter cooldown


U.K. government and community groups struggle to stop Islamic radicalization spike


Obama avoids criticizing treatment of Saudi blogger during visit


Is the U.S. pushing Saudi Arabia enough on human rights?


What does the world lose when a language dies?


Northeastern U.S. braces for blizzard conditions


News Wrap: U.S. embassy in Yemen closed to public amid turmoil


For Muslims in U.K., not feeling ‘British’ can lead some to extremism


Guantanamo detainee’s diary describes interrogation that made him break


2016 hopefuls pitch their presidential qualities at GOP meetings


Virtual reality bursts through the movie screen at Sundance


‘Completely avoidable’: Vaccination could have prevented Disneyland measles outbreak


In danger or endangered? Will ‘world’s loneliest orca’ be released into the wild?


Greek anti-austerity party claims decisive victory


Are Modi’s pro-business plans a path out of poverty for India’s poor?


Viewers respond to report about euthanasia in Belgium


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