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After hostage execution, Japan devotes ‘all efforts’ to rescue second from ISIS


A war on multiple fronts: Despite ceasefire, military conflict escalates in eastern Ukraine


News Wrap: Ransom deadline passes for Japanese hostages held by Islamic State


E.U. bailouts divide Greek voters ahead of elections


Why Europe and the U.S. have a lot riding on Greek elections


Unapologetic rockers of Sleater-Kinney return with new songs to fight lagging stereotypes


Living with a record: How past crimes may drive job seekers into poverty


How the White House made this year’s SOTU a social media affair


News Wrap: European Central Bank launches stimulus program


Why Yemen’s political implosion is dangerous for the U.S


International coalition meets to take stock of Islamic State fight


British foreign secretary: Defeating Islamic State means fighting its appeal


From fireside chats to YouTube: Interactive media helps Obama connect with the country


Is ‘The Test’ failing American schools?


Obama takes State of the Union agenda on the road


News Wrap: Congress challenges White House on Iran


How Obama’s State of the Union ideas are playing at City Hall


Facing resistance from Capitol Hill, U.S. opens Cuba talks


Housing discrimination case could have broad implications


Why some wedding businesses say ‘I don’t’ to gay couples


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