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Just weeks before Super Bowl, NFL investigates Patriots for underinflated footballs


Was Obama’s 2015 address a legacy speech?


News Wrap: Montana oil spill causes drinking water concerns


Why is the Islamic State targeting Japan for ransom?


Case on judges’ campaign fundraising divides Supreme Court


Connecting the classroom to promising health careers


News Wrap: MLK Day inspires tributes, protests and service


Clashes raise fears of power vacuum in vulnerable Yemen


Heightened anxiety and vigilance in U.K. after Paris attacks


Political divide on immigration reform looms over Nevada families


Obama offers plan to raise taxes on ultra-rich, put more money in middle class pockets


Spotting the fakes among the five-star reviews


How John Cleese got his accidental start in comedy


60 years ago, Eisenhower inaugurated the first televised presidential news conference


Inside Obama’s middle class tax plan


With more US students living in poverty, education system faces strain


As Africa’s elephant population dwindles, project aims to count them all


Belgium steps up security amid new terror threats


Viewers comment on relationship between police and communities of color


News Wrap: Dozens arrested in European anti-terror raids


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