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Supreme Court to consider whether all states must recognize same-sex marriage


Only a little bit hotter, but 2014’s record temperatures continue long-term trend


How an EPA plan to cut carbon emissions is playing out in coal-rich Wyoming


Will federal reforms on civil forfeiture mean more police accountability?


Belgium’s euthanasia law gives terminally ill children the right to die


2 dead in Belgian raid on extremists said to plot European attacks


News Wrap: Israeli and Turkish leaders trade barbs over Paris attacks


Europe’s porous borders pose problems in hunt for terrorists


‘An era of defeat’ for the best soldiers in the world?


Is the U.S. military faced with impossible missions?


How the Oscars’ lack of diversity reflects who runs Hollywood


Not Trending stories: Stashing Polish packages, paying Indonesia’s poor


The right to die in Belgium: An inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law


France arrests dozens for hate speech; Charlie Hebdo returns with first issue since attack


News Wrap: House GOP vote to block Obama immigration action


Do Western Muslims face a free speech double standard?


2016 presidential hopefuls aim to prove their worth in campaign warm up


How military sex offenders fly under the radar after returning to civilian life


Obama administration announces goal to rein in methane leaks


Yosemite free climbers complete their gripping feat


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