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News Wrap: French lawmakers reaffirm fight against Islamic State


Despite milder tone after White House meeting, immigration may pose political impasse


What do Ohio voters want? More political cooperation despite clashing views


Why Boko Haram’s reign of terror has been tough to track


Facing widespread flu, health officials encourage antiviral drug use


To rescue girls from sex trafficking, Indian activists confront tradition and family ties


News Wrap: Islamic State supporters hack U.S. military social media accounts


Terrorist training of Paris attacker puts spotlight on Yemen


French Jewish community ‘shocked but not surprised’ by attacks on kosher market


Police inaction hampers human trafficking crackdown in India


How automakers and car buyers are responding to low gas prices


How can Washington bridge its ‘Partisan Divide’?


Investing in America’s cultural capital


What can be done to prevent youth radicalization?


Former NYPD officers talk police-minority relations


Monarch butterflies could get endangered species status


What dangers could terror threats abroad pose to the US?


‘Sense of siege’: French citizens on edge after Paris attacks


More banks can offer prize-linked programs, but will they boost savings?


At the end of Paris terror standoffs, questions about French security efforts


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