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U.S. diplomat: No illusions about Cuba’s willingness to allow freedoms


How do nonprofits turn social media sharing into successful fundraising?


Ebola, Ferguson and Derek Jeter make high schoolers’ #MyZeitgeist videos


Outgoing Rep. Miller on partnering with Republicans and serving Americans


Search widens for missing AirAsia flight – Part 1


News Wrap: Hundreds rescued off burning Greek ferry


Was weather to blame for AirAsia disappearance? – Part 2


U.S., NATO end combat role in Afghanistan amid resurgence by Taliban – Part 1


Can Afghan forces hold their own? – Part 2


Facing snap elections, uncertainty grows in Greece


How a viral fundraiser earned a cool $220 million for ALS


Colombian civil war relief efforts face dangerous barriers


Website that kept watch on D.C. homicides shuts down


Outgoing Sen. Chambliss talks debt, immigration reform and hard-headed partisanship


Did plunging gas prices boost holiday spending?


What we know (and don’t) about the missing AirAsia jetliner


Return of the debtors’ prison? Many still jailed for inability to pay fines


How can the US join forces with the private sector to fight cyberextortion?


One family moves on from its sharecropping past in Arkansas


News Wrap: Southeast Asia marks 10 years since catastrophic tsunami


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