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Sony revives Christmas release of ‘The Interview’ – Part 1


Debating North Korea’s involvement in the Sony hack – Part 2


Peru shields an ancient city of sand from strong storms


FDA plans to end prohibition on blood donation by gay men, with conditions


Will American baseball get more Cuban imports?


Soldiers find special bond with dogs trained for war


News Wrap: Officer won’t be charged in Milwaukee shooting


De Blasio addresses criticism by NY police union – Part 1


New York police killings raise questions of cause and effect after weeks of protests – Part 2


What turned off the Internet in North Korea?


Building literacy among the blind with a teen inventor’s low-cost Lego printer


Why changes in health care costs vary widely around the U.S.


Pope Francis uses Christmas greeting to chide church officials for greed, gossip and getting ahead


Storycorps gives America a microphone and the chance to tell a story


‘It’s wrong’: Shock, frustration surround shootings of NYPD officers


NYPD officer killings expose rift between police and mayor


Viewers respond to report on controversy over Georgia mosque


McDonald’s charged with abusing workers over wage protests


Whistleblowers win with False Claims Act, but does it actually deter fraud?


Obama unleashed: President goes his own way in final years in office


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