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Sony cancels release of movie at the center of security worries


What a lapse in terrorism insurance by Congress means for businesses


Making body cameras part of a police officer’s uniform


Exiting lawmakers yield the floor, but not before saying farewell


Taliban massacre of schoolchildren shocks Pakistan


News Wrap: Sydney mourns hostage victims


Oakland tries to address how deeply rooted biases affect law enforcement


Sanctions, cheap oil take toll on Russia’s struggling currency – Part 1


Does economic turbulence hurt Putin’s power? – Part 2


Getting ‘to zero’ in the fight against Ebola


News Wrap: Palestinian officials to push for statehood at UN


Deadly hostage siege in Australia was ‘act of a desperate man’


Rifts exposed on both sides as Congress readies for GOP majority – Part 1


What’s the outlook for compromise in the next Congress? – Part 2


Activist stunt disturbs Peru’s treasured archaeological site


Why has public support for gun control decreased?


This year’s tech trends have both nice and naughty sides


Bloodletting and blisters: Solving the medical mystery of George Washington’s death


Legal challenges cause woes for Wall Street darling Uber


Climate talks in Lima: What did the global community actually agree on?


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