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Kurdish deputy prime minister urges U.S. leaders to remain engaged in Iraq


Using Medicaid dollars to expand long-term care choices in Michigan


Profane picture books make fun out of a parent’s pains


Senate report graphically details brutal CIA interrogation tactics


News Wrap: Congress hammers out federal funding bill details


‘Torture doesn’t work’ is big takeaway of CIA report for Sen. Feinstein – Part 2


Former CIA official rejects interrogation report findings as misleading – Part 3


Elite circle of lawyers finds repeat success getting cases to the Supreme Court


Talking to dogs isn’t so far-fetched: Researchers translate canine with computer science


‘This is M.E.’ embraces Melissa Etheridge’s musical spectrum


News Wrap: Six Guantanamo detainees resettled in Uruguay


White House defends deadly Yemen hostage mission – Part 1


Understanding the risks of rescuing hostages – Part 2


Protesters persist in national demonstrations over race and injustice – Part 1


These Syrian child refugees work in the fields to support their displaced families


Tent cities rise amid affordable housing shortage in Silicon Valley


Sorting out the controversy over who’s playing in the college football playoffs


‘Unprecedented’ Sony hack stirs concern over North Korea cyberwarfare​


Why did the raid in Yemen to rescue Luke Somers go so wrong?


Behind the failed rescue effort of Luke Somers in Yemen


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