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Why the Democrats’ playbook didn’t work in 2014


North Carolina, Georgia go red at midterm despite demographic changes


How will Republicans influence policy on Islamic State, Iran sanctions?


What midterm lessons politicians can learn for 2016


Economic issues prove popular at the polls, while many social issues slump


Political advertisers take notice: Millennials are not impressed


What the election means for the future of immigration reform


How will environmental policy change under the next Congress?


News Wrap: Hyundai, Kia to pay $100 million over inflated gas mileage figures


Poised for a promotion, Kentucky’s McConnell paints Grimes as an Obama supporter


Will focusing on the president pay off for Republicans?


Ukrainian separatist rebels elect new leaders for breakaway republic


Investigating crash, NTSB considers safety culture of commercial space flight – Part 1


Will rocket accidents slow the business of space tourism? – Part 2


Bob Dylan’s complete ‘Basement Tapes’ surface for the first time


This West Virginia candidate has never voted in an election (she’s too young)


Campaigning through the cloud: How politicians target voters with digital ads


Photographer documents uneven Sandy recovery in hardest-hit neighborhoods


‘It’s like choreography:’ Calder’s sculpture continues to captivate


Beyond Oregon: Should terminally ill patients be allowed to choose death?


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