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News Wrap: Islamic State group claims it took U.S. air-dropped weapons


Dozens cleared from Ebola quarantine in Texas


News Wrap: Libyan militant pleads not guilty to Benghazi attack charges


Ambulance nurse confronts death and desperation in the heart of the Ebola epidemic


U.S. airdrops military aid for Kurds fighting Islamic State in Kobani – Part 1


Why U.S. and allies can’t afford to let Kobani fall to Islamic State – Part 2


Former GOP leader Bob Dole tells lawmakers to ‘get together’


Will Apple Pay phase out the wallet?


Opera depicting a modern tragedy sparks protest


Self-quarantined reporter: US must ‘strike balance between caution and panic’ on Ebola


Slipping through the system: Are mentally ill Americans getting adequate health care?


What’s behind the sudden drop in US gas prices?


A step forward in ISIS fight? Iraq lawmakers approve Sunni, Shiite ministers


Will Promise Zone initiative lift Eastern Kentucky’s coal country out of poverty?


As public anxiety grows, coordinator named to corral Ebola efforts – Part 1


News Wrap: Iraqi PM urges Sunni tribal leaders to defend Ramadi from Islamic State


What does the U.S. Ebola ‘czar’ need to do? – Part 2


Future of abducted Nigerian girls unclear under Boko Haram cease-fire – Part 1


What’s motivating the Boko Haram cease-fire? – Part 2


Tracking killer comets before they strike


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