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Looking back at the peace-promoting work of Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi – Part 1


Nobel Peace Prize honors activism to empower most vulnerable children – Part 2


The new ‘sharing economy’ can enrich micro-entrepreneurs but at what cost?


Giving coal country a healthy makeover


For one of Sudan’s Lost Boys, telling story on film offers healing


News Wrap: U.S. troops arrive in Liberia to combat Ebola


Why Ebola is outpacing health efforts on the ground


U.S. aims to decrease child migration through sponsored programs in Central America


Panetta: Time of unprecedented threat calls for debate on leadership


Restored wetlands welcome wildlife and protect against future floods in San Francisco Bay Area


Arkansas Republicans fall in line to support popular minimum wage hike


We all die, so why don’t we die well?


News Wrap: CDC announces new Ebola screening procedures after death of victim in U.S.


Meet the disease detectives tracking Ebola at the CDC


Can air power alone stop advance of Islamic State militants?


Supreme Court reignites same-sex marriage as campaign issue before midterms


Stop expecting American presidents to be great and allow them to be good, says historian


Will flight tracking evolve in wake of Malaysia Air mystery?


Artist Ai Weiwei explores definition of freedom at Alcatraz


News Wrap: Kurds protest Turkish government for protection against Islamic State


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