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How Islamic State uses systematic sexual violence against women


Should inmates be allowed facial hair for their faith?


How many Nobel Prize winners does it take to improve a light bulb?


Why hands-free tech doesn’t necessarily make driving safer


Out of many faces, one American portrait: Artist creates ‘facescape’ on the National Mall


Gillibrand calls for more women to raise their voices and get involved in public life


Supreme Court clears way for same-sex weddings in at least five more states – Part 1


News Wrap: Neuroscientists to share Nobel in Medicine for discovering brain’s ‘GPS’


Fifth American Ebola victim returns to U.S. for treatment – Part 1


Officials consider new steps to screen travelers for Ebola – Part 2


Lev Grossman’s ‘Magicians’ series casts spell on adult readers


Remembering Lady Bird Johnson’s whistle-stop tour for civil rights


New York City, LA among cities moving to raise minimum wage


Before ISIS: A history of beheadings to terrify, punish


Viewers respond to report on mandated extra reading time at Florida grade schools


How can the spread of Ebola be stopped in the US?


Why adults are buzzing about YA literature


Sugar showdown: Vote on San Francisco soda tax draws near


Photographers use Instagram to paint more complete picture of life in Africa


News Wrap: Violence erupts between police and protesters in Hong Kong


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