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Previous terms cut short by convictions, iconic former mayor of Providence runs again


Poet finds solace in elegy of departed son’s wild energy


News Wrap: First U.S. Ebola case diagnosed in patient infected in Liberia


U.S. and Afghanistan sign security agreement as new leadership takes over – Part 1


Understanding the U.S. security agreement with Afghanistan – Part 2


What made Japan’s deadly volcanic eruption so unpredictable?


Violinist Joshua Bell turns train station into concert hall to encourage arts education


Tea party Senate challenge in Mississippi shows rift in the GOP


News Wrap: Kabul suicide attack darkens Afghan presidential inauguration


Secret Service under scrutiny for White House security breach – Part 1


Failures of White House security raises concern about Secret Service complacency – Part 2


How the U.S. missed warning signs about the Islamic State


Authors take aim at Amazon over fight with publisher Hachette


How Detroit has streamlined its fight against blight


Racing to save Kenya’s wild elephants from poachers


Beyond the law: Are encrypted smartphones too private for the FBI?


How will Narendra Modi usher in India’s new ‘age of achievement’?


As airstrikes continue, how intense has the Syria campaign been so far?


From red state to blue? Kansas political races leave Republican candidates in peril


How much does mandatory extra reading time help students?


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