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What can the food and beverage industry do to improve American health?


U.S. and Arab partners begin air war against Islamic State in Syria – Part 1


News Wrap: Syrian fighter jet shot down by Israel


Constancy of U.S. leadership is concern for some anti-Islamic State coalition partners – Part 2


How do airstrikes on Islamic State complicate the war in Syria? – Part 3


‘Nobody gets a pass’ on climate change, says Obama at U.N. summit – Part 1


Can developed and developing nations unite on climate and energy issues? – Part 2


Hackers breach biology to transform life into building material


Armed White House intruder sparks calls for investigation – Part 1


Are Secret Service budget cuts impacting the president’s security? – Part 2


What’s the worst-case scenario if Ebola can’t be slowed?


How Nigeria has succeeded in containing Ebola


Will Afghanistan’s power-sharing deal last?


Crist, Scott criticized for political flip-flops in Sunshine State’s gov. race


Syrian opposition leader: We are not joining the coalition against Islamic State, the coalition is joining us


Islamic State fighting near Syria-Turkey border sparks panicked exodus


What’s the financial case for divesting from fossil fuels?


Protesters converge on Wall Street to call attention to climate change


News Wrap: U.S. won’t ease Iran nuclear restrictions for Islamic State help


People’s Climate March turnout shows people demand action


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