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Microsoft considers buying gaming gold mine Minecraft


Treating mental illness with medicine and religion in India


What you need to know about the rare respiratory virus affecting kids


Previewing Obama’s Islamic State address


News Wrap: Russia tests new intercontinental missile


What do Iraqi leaders hope to hear from Obama’s strategy?


Obama expected to expand Islamic State offensive into Syria


Apple offers new way to access your wallet with your phone


NFL domestic violence case sparks conversation on the silence that surrounds abuse


How drones could limit fertilizer flow into Lake Erie


U.S. offers support to fragile, West African health systems to combat Ebola


Senators debate the president’s power to launch fight against the Islamic State


Obama seeks ‘buy-in’ on Islamic State strategy from Congress


News Wrap: CO2 levels hit record high in 2013, finds UN report


Colorado fracking fuels fight between state and local government over control


Behind Obama’s political calculation of stalling immigration reform


Obama’s delay on immigration draws fire from both parties


Can the Islamic State group be destroyed?


U.S. and allies prepare new campaign against Islamic State


News Wrap: WHO projects ‘exponential increase’ for Ebola


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