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How human rights issues factor into African economic advancement


U.S.-Africa summit resets focus on tapping burgeoning markets


How weather and nutrient pollution create fertile conditions for toxic algae blooms


News Wrap: Israel, Hamas agree to three-day cease-fire


Israeli army enters new phase, removes bulk of troops from Gaza


Islamic State makes new gains in Iraq


Colorado issues licenses to drivers who lack legal residency


Online war of words: To amplify message, Israel and Hamas fire up social media


Upwardly mobile: Paraclimbers overcome perceived limitations of disability


Senate committee to release declassified report on CIA interrogation


Viewers respond to a ban on commercial fishing in Kiribati


While Congress lags, what happens next for people caught entering the US illegally?


‘Aggressive assault’ in Gaza muddles long-term resolution between Israel and Hamas


Did NFL fumble on player Rice’s punishment for domestic violence?


Shields and Brooks on finding a GOP ‘anti-Cruz,’ Middle East alliances


Drilling wells to quench California’s water needs raises debate


July jobs boost keeps up recovery progress, but low ‘quit rate’ tells another story


CDC plans to send ‘surge’ of staff to Africa as two Ebola-infected Americans return for treatment


News Wrap: Investigators find remains of more MH17 victims


Why does Hamas deny abducting an Israeli soldier?


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