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Why Hamas rejected an Egyptian-proposed ceasefire


Nadine Gordimer, 90, Nobel-winning novelist who spoke out against apartheid


World Cup is an accomplishment for Brazil, despite losses and costs


Fighting flares as Ukraine blames Russia for downed military plane


Former U.S. special envoy on why Israel and the Palestinians have to abandon the ‘status quo’


Israel shoots down Hamas drone amid continued violence


Citigroup to pay $7 billion for ‘egregious misconduct’ leading up to financial crisis


News Wrap: Boko Haram leader claims responsibility for unreported attacks


What’s the state of Iran’s nuclear program?


Residents flee northern Gaza as Israel warns of more strikes


International military aid to Iraq may offer little help


Local ‘World Cup’ tournament brings Rio’s fervor to New York City


Is a ground offensive next in the fighting between Israel and Hamas?


Ukraine risks constant political tension as conflict intensifies


Costly copper: Dangerous scrap metal thefts on the rise


Why LeBron’s return to Cleveland is perfect timing


Shields and Brooks on suing the president, LeBron’s hometown bounce


Construction companies relying on federal Highway Trust Fund face Congressional roadblock


Coaching parents on toddler talk to address low-income word gap


HIV rebound in young child is ‘another step’ in long process of AIDS research


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