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News Wrap: Israeli police clash with Palestinians over murder of teenager


As term ends, Supreme Court characterized by disagreement


Facebook’s psychological study ends up testing users’ trust


Vietnam battles sex trafficking along China’s border


Pro-democracy demonstrators rally in Hong Kong on anniversary of handover to China


How ISIL’s bid for a new caliphate taps historical yearning


Seeking unity amid crisis, Iraqi parliament fails to agree on Maliki replacement


News Wrap: Pro-Russian rebels, government forces renew fighting in Eastern Ukraine


President Obama pushes immigration reform without Congress


Pediatric cancer survivors face lifetime of health challenges


Exploring GM’s payout plan for ignition switch victims


Court limits how public unions can make nonmembers pay fees


News Wrap: Sunni extremists declare new Islamic state in Iraq and Syria


Administration will try Benghazi attack suspect in D.C.


Hospitals turning to data brokers for patient information


Two months later, search for missing Nigerian schoolgirls continues


‘Degenerate Art’ exhibit explores Nazi assault on modern art


Rap lyrics used as evidence of intent in criminal cases


Shields and Ponnuru on House GOP vs. Obama, missing IRS emails


Why we’re all paying the cost of excessive drinking


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