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News Wrap: Al-Shabab gunmen rampage coastal hotels in Kenya


Insurgent advance spreads in Iraq’s northwest


Uganda gays face life in prison under law


Animals predict World Cup outcomes across the globe


Kurdistan remains oasis of calm amid Iraq tumult


U.S. weighs potential military response in Iraq


Brazil confronts dengue fever fears amid World Cup frenzy


Swordfishing practices under scrutiny on California’s coast


Why more American dads are choosing to stay home


Companies tracking our online footsteps should be more transparent, says FTC


Iraq’s top Shiite cleric pleads for armed resistance against Sunni insurgents


News Wrap: Former POW Bergdahl begins recovery in the U.S.


How to combat the tightening grip of inequality around the globe


Kurdish troops take Kirkuk after Iraqi forces flee


News Wrap: U.S. resumes drone strikes in Pakistan


Why soccer-loving Brazilians are voicing discontent over World Cup


Big spending and construction chaos deflates Brazilian joy over World Cup


Special arts academy helps Chicago teens transcend tough streets


Lawmakers blast Hagel over failure to communicate on Bergdahl deal


Brat topples Cantor in show of grassroots enthusiasm over GOP establishment


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