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House GOP’s second-in-command to step down after primary upset


News Wrap: Sunni extremists extend control toward Baghdad with Tikrit takeover


Young people learn trade of preservation with hands-on work at Shenandoah


Debating tenure protections for public school teachers


Unexpected legislature resignation tips Virginia fight over Medicaid expansion


How did Sunni insurgents gain momentum in Iraq?


In major blow to Maliki government, Sunni militants force Iraqi army out of Mosul


News Wrap: Investigation launched into friendly fire deaths of five U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan


Will loan forgiveness offer long-term student debt solution?


Common Core standards face push back by some Louisiana parents and politicians


Reverse incentives of VA health care made fixing the numbers easier than fixing the system


In Pakistan, views differ on best approach for dealing with Taliban


Taliban attack on airport highlights fragile Karachi security


News Wrap: Sao Paulo subway workers walk off the job ahead of World Cup


Kidnapped girls still missing as Boko Haram continues spread of violence


U.S. policy in Syria focuses on humanitarian crisis


D-Day veteran recalls jump that didn’t go as planned


Veteran remembers crossing English Channel in 1944


Reports of corruption cast shadow over World Cup


Shields and Brooks on Bergdahl criticism, Mississippi primary politics


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