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Why is it so hard for some Veterans to get care from the VA?


News Wrap: House Democrats to join Benghazi investigation


How the AT&T-DIRECTV merger affects consumers


In ‘Haunted Empire,’ a look at life at Apple after Steve Jobs


NIH orders scientists to test new drugs on animals of both sexes


Graduate students encourage poetry through community service


Will Justice Department’s crackdown on Credit Suisse lead to more bank prosecutions?


News Wrap: Thai army declares martial law


Former Burmese movie star finds leading role as activist


How will the primaries shake up the gender split in Congress?


Sen. Warren takes on Washington to give working class Americans ‘A Fighting Chance’


Which comes first, hydrogen-powered cars or the fueling stations?


Disputed announcement of Russian troop withdrawl doesn’t shake separatist resolve in Donetsk


U.S. charges Chinese officials with cyberspying on businesses


News Wrap: Credit Suisse enters plea deal in tax evasion case


‘Wikipedian’ editor took on website’s gender gap


Swiss voters reject plan to set a minimum wage


Statistics reveal how America bikes to work


Federal government hits General Motors with $35 million fine


Is integration important to today’s high school students?


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