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Shareholders of e-commerce giant Alibaba seek greater control and exposure with American IPO filing


White House report warns how climate change will directly influence the lives of Americans


News Wrap: More girls abducted in Nigeria after militants went door-to-door, reports say


Should kids’ happiness be the goal of parenting?


Supreme Court upholds right to pray at town meetings


Russia’s former foreign minister discusses Putin’s motivations in Ukraine


Will establishment Republican candidates strike back during primary season?


Nigerians show outrage over militant’s threat to sell abducted schoolgirls with little government opposition


News Wrap: UN says polio outbreak is global emergency


Ancient document referencing Jesus’ wife may be a forgery


Obama takes jabs at GOP, media at annual correspondents’ dinner


Small businesses left in lurch when local banks collapse


Pfizer-AstraZeneca deal could impact drug development


In Senegal, thousands of young boys forced into begging system for Koranic study


Shields and Brooks on the flagging labor force, foreign policy fights


Warning of genocide, Kerry urges meeting between South Sudan rivals


Nigerians dissatisfied with government response to Boko Haram’s mass abduction of girls


U.S. and Europeans unite to persuade Russia to back down ahead of Ukraine elections


Good news in jobs report bolstered by shrinking workforce


News Wrap: Massive landslide engulfs village in Afghanistan


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