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Obama signs executive orders on pay transparency for federal contractors


De-escalating unrest in Eastern Ukraine is delicate challenge for Kiev


Kerry criticizes Eastern Ukraine protests as ‘contrived pretext’ for Russian force


News Wrap: Hagel, Chinese defense minister discuss disputed islands


Journalist, naturalist and novelist Peter Matthiessen, 86, took readers to new territory


Mickey Rooney, irrepressible performer who spent his life on stage and screen, dead at 93


Researchers track New Hampshire moose in hopes of pinpointing cause of population decline


Idea to overhaul social welfare assistance with guaranteed income spurs debate and diverse support


Why Afghans felt their vote for president mattered in 2014


Lack of election violence, high voter turnout in Afghanistan is ‘fantastic slap’ to Taliban


Kiev faces ‘critical choice’ of action as pro-Russian protesters call for referendum in Eastern Ukraine


Ukrainian government warns new protests in Eastern Ukraine signal Russian attempt to destabilize its neighbor


News Wrap: Flight 370 search follows promising pings


New report shows water on Saturn’s moon


‪Boomtowns spur economic growth in Mexico‬


Voters head to the polls in Afghanistan


Viewers respond to teacher tenure report


Subway poetry project connects NYers


Remembering AP photojournalist Niedringhaus, who found grace in the face of war


Shields and Brooks on the power of campaign donors, baseball vs. baby


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