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Senate report says CIA misled Americans on severity, efficacy of interrogation program


News Wrap: Health care law surpassed original goal of 7 million enrolled, White House says


Remembering ‘Operation Paperclip,’ when national security trumped ethical concern


What’s behind Russia’s spending promises for Crimea


Majority of veterans say they would join military again, despite scars of war


Closing window for action on climate change offers consequences and opportunity


UN panel warns dire threats of climate change may spin ‘out of control’


News Wrap: Guinean authorities say Ebola outbreak has grown into ‘unprecedented epidemic’


Drug makers agree to curb antibiotic use for farm animals


Washington Post looks at lives of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans


South African opera singers’ lives documented in new film


Viewers respond to NewsHour’s report on Dutch pot policy


Russian troop presence builds near Ukraine’s border


One of Africa’s biggest stars uses empowering song to lift up women and girls


Shields and Brooks on Obama’s Vatican visit and a health reform milestone


Secretary Arne Duncan defends against growing criticism from left and right


What’s behind the widening division between U.S. and Saudi Arabia?


In visit to Saudi Arabia, Obama seeks to heal U.S. rift with key partner


As time dwindles, search for Flight 370 shifts nearly 700 miles following new data


News Wrap: Gov. Christie defends internal review exonerating him from bridge scandal


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