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Terror attacks put security on voters’ minds ahead of U.K. election


Kid ‘superman,’ born with rare heart defect, radiates strength


News Wrap: Russia denies trying to hack U.S. voting equipment


Is the GOP’s ambitious to-do list running out of time?


How media literacy can help students discern fake news


Will one company’s mixed mission in Yemen sow suspicion of aid groups?


Broadway hit ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ strikes an emotional chord with its fans


A student’s stutter doesn’t stop him from winning over the crowd


U.K. police make arrests in bridge attack as politicians argue over security


News Wrap: Trump won’t block Comey testimony


What’s behind the dramatic diplomatic rift with Qatar?


Dire conditions drive growing anti-government opposition in Venezuela


Bill Cosby trial opens for 2004 sexual assault case


Designer born without hands chooses a life of inspiration


UK remains on alert after London terror attack


After terrorist attacks, how can Britain bolster security?


Why did the White House consider lifting Russian sanctions?


Meet the writer of Marvel’s first queer Latina superhero


As Cambodia’s economy grows, low-income residents left behind


Trump administration defends Paris pullout amid outpouring of support for the climate pact


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