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Obama warns against ‘profound interference’ in Ukraine


‘Boasting and guilt are two sides of the same coin’: Confronting Indonesia’s genocide in ‘The Act of Killing’


Report suggests U.K. spies collected images from Yahoo webcam chats with NSA help


Why U.S. nutrition labels will be getting a makeover


How should the U.S. improve opportunity for young men of color?


Humanitarian aid groups prepare for long-term crisis in Syria


UN aid workers encounter grave desperation in Palestinian refugee camp cut off by Syria’s war


Pro-Russian protesters hold Crimean parliament under siege in backlash against new government


News Wrap: Islamist fighters kill dozens in Nigeria


What do unions offer American workers today?


What does the VW union failure mean for the future of U.S. organized labor?


Swiss banking giant refuses disclosure in Senate grilling on tax evasion


Designing cleaner stoves for home cooks in the developing world


Why are younger children alone in reducing obesity rates?


Will Russia intervene in Ukraine?


Crimeans push back against Ukrainian protest movement


News Wrap: Syrian state media reports major attack on rebels by government forces


For undocumented ‘dreamers,’ private initiative aims to help pay college tuition


Boko Haram militants suspected in murderous attack on Nigerian school


Budget cuts could ground unstoppable A-10 Warthog aircraft


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