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To curb conflict, a Colorado high school replaces punishment with conversation


Trial begins for Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt


Messaging monopoly? Why Facebook is willing to pay $19 billion for WhatsApp


Has the moment passed for the West to sway Ukraine with sanctions?


European diplomats work behind the scenes to halt Ukraine violence


News Wrap: Kiev protesters targeted by snipers in deadliest day of Ukraine violence


Looking to the past to understand Arab Spring struggles and success


Nations inflamed by Arab Spring yield different fates


Raising health and air quality concerns in Texas’ fracking frontier


Afghans who assisted American missions wait in fear for U.S. to open its doors


Venezuela unrest could be ‘building block’ for opposition to make substantive change


Venezuela protests reach boiling point as opposition leader is arrested


CBO report fuels debate on costs and benefits of boosting the minimum wage


News Wrap: Ukraine’s president announces truce after bloody battle in Kiev


Breaking stereotypes and sharing stories, women use cameras to take aim at hunger


South Korean skater Yuna Kim hopes to land a second Olympic gold medal


Can garment factories pay a living wage and still compete in the global economy?


How ‘microtargeting’ works in political advertising


Study finds high SAT and ACT scores might not spell success at college


Is Ukraine on the verge of spinning out of control?


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