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Economic sanctions have tangible consequences for average Iranians


How does coming out by openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam reflect changing attitudes?


Homs evacuations continue amid delicate ceasefire


Obama administration delays health insurance mandate until 2016 for midsize employers


News Wrap: Accidental car bomb explosion kills insurgents in Iraq


Erosion of middle class buying power hits familiar brands


Iran takes notable steps in nuclear negotiations


High-tech entrepreneurs flock to India


Ten big drug companies unite to study major diseases


Cities in financial straits weigh bankruptcy


In search of a cure, scientists look for where HIV hides


Homs evacuation is ‘crumb of comfort’ for Syrian civilians still trapped


Three-day ceasefire paves way for small-scale evacuation in Syrian city of Homs


Seeing the Parthenon through ancient eyes


Outside groups start fundraising early ahead of Senate midterm elections


Is academia suffering from ‘adjunctivitis’? Low-paid adjunct professors struggle to make ends meet


UN says children caught in Syria’s civil war suffer ‘unspeakable’ abuse


Athletes prepare to prove their medal at Sochi


U.S. Olympic hopefuls take their marks as Sochi spotlight shifts to competition


News Wrap: Senate GOP blocks renewal of long-term jobless benefits


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